Cameraman with LiveULive coverage anywhere, anytime under a unified management system

The ever-increasing demand for live coverage means that broadcasters and online media professionals are looking for new ways to deliver non-stop live video to their viewers.

With LiveU’s complete family of 3G/4G bonded uplink products more options are available for live news and event coverage. All LiveU products operate with a single ecosystem, LiveU Central, enabling control rooms to manage multiple incoming video feeds and content simply and effectively from units operating in different location.

6 reasons why to choose LiveU

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LiveU Experience


LiveU used with news teams

With a server, the signal coming from LiveU units can be forwarded to any TV studios or websites, consequently, it can be viewed through Facebook sites as well. The HD quality coverage is recorded in the meanwhile so that it can be processed later on.


LiveU used with sports teams

The LiveU units are as agile as the athletes themselves. They can be used to broadcast from anywhere, even without a fixed broadband connection. Tour de France, Formula 1 or the Olympic Games; none of these can get away without proper coverage.


LiveU used with ad agencies

LiveU gives wings to all creative minds. Even a live interview carried out during a parachute jump is not a far-fetched idea: the equipment guarantees the same quality output from the ground, from water and from the air. Caution, this is a true story!

Event management

LiveU used with event management companies

Thanks to LiveU, there are no limits to the list of attendees. Those left without a ticket may follow the event from home. Talk about concerts, theatre pieces, lectures or weddings, with the help of the technology, the number of extra seats is endless.