LiveU Matrix

Next generation IP-cloud video management platform

Designed by broadcasters for broadcasters, LiveU Matrix is an essential tool that works for the newsroom.

Contribution and distribution

LiveU Matrix is web-based and easy to get started, everything launches from your existing browser-based device. Send content anywhere, without interruption or another piece of hardware.

Cost-effective solution

LiveU Matrix was called to life in order to replace the more costly fibre and satellite-based video transmission systems. Users are given the chance to preview all feeds, immediately associating a live video with an output channel without interrupting the current transmission. With the built-in chat feature, the platform also gives way to real-time communication between users, giving collaboration an upswing.


  • Allows the operator to get a single comprehensive view of all available incoming feeds – option for double-checking the contents without going straight on-air 
  • Intuitive user interface 
  • Personalized metadata handling with search options based on filters 
  • Immediate distribution of live feeds without the interruption of workflows 
  • Direct multimedia alerts 
  • Built-in chat function allowing for real-time communication between the colleagues working in the studio and on-the-go


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