IP Pipe

Taking your remote production to the next level

Enhance your remote production set-up and reduce costs by remotely controlling your IP-based gear.
LiveU’s IP Pipe gives you remote control over a wide variety of network-based equipment.


Increase efficiency with remote control over all your equipment, including robotic and PTZ cameras, Camera Control Units (CCUs), IP-based intercom and more.

IP Pipe lets you seamlessly link a network located near your LiveU server with any network located near your LiveU field units (LU800/610/600/300).


Use IP Pipe as part of LiveU’s Remote At-Home Production (REMI) solution, sending multiple high-res, synced video feeds from the field to your centralized production studio. By adding remote management and control capabilities, IP Pipe further increases operational efficiency and cost savings.


LiveU’s IP Pipe facilitates innovative new use cases, giving production teams added value beyond standard IP-gear control. Live productions can be enriched by sharing live insights from a custom application in the field. For example, getting Telemetry data from the field is used for Griiip motor racing coverage, where live racing feeds are combined with insightful real-time racing data to enrich the viewing experience.


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