Why LiveU?

Real interviews with low delay

By combining the LiveU antenna and bonding algorithms, LiveU is the only solution that can transmit consistent video with sub-second end-to-end delay.

Continuous transmission

When a two-way live interview is not required, LiveU gives users the option to Store and Forward, or to transmit at a 60 second delay for feeding footage. This provides extremely high and consistent quality even in the most difficult conditions.

Reliability in challenging areas

LiveU’s proprietary internal and external antenna arrays provide substantially better signal strength than standard USB cards and other cellular devices.

Consistent HD picture quality

LiveU’s predictive cellular bonding algorithms anticipate the behaviour of data networks, send redundant data, and retrieve lost packets, providing the most consistent, reliable, and stable picture over time.


All LiveU products are 5G-ready, designed to work effectively with 5G networks. In fact, LiveU is an active partner in the EU 5GPPP research project, 5G-Xcast focused on Broadcast and Multicast Communication Enablers for the Fifth Generation of Wireless Systems. LiveU’s multi-link technology is being considered as one of the enabling technologies for this project’s services.


All LiveU products have been thoroughly tested and certified by leading FCC and CE-approved labs for SAR and other safety considerations.

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