At-home Production

Wireless live video production for sports and live event producers

LiveU’s wireless At-home Production solution allows broadcasters to reduce costs by producing live shows from a centralized studio control room instead of on-site production and satellite trucks. Sports and event producers can now deliver multi-camera live events while eliminating the need to spend a fortune on production vehicles, satellite uplinks and travel expenses. 

LiveU’s Precision Timing™ 

A key feature of our wireless At-home Production solution is LiveU’s Precision Timing™. This automatic feature uses LiveU’s built-in precision measurement of the end-to-end delay. This enables completely wireless synchronization of multiple LiveU video sources - no genlock, no cables, no manual setting of delays on each camera! 

High-quality video 

The LiveU At-home Solution allows broadcasters to go live from anywhere regardless of LAN or high speed connectivity limitations. The solution leverages LiveU’s patented bonded cellular technology and the unique LiveU Reliable Transport protocol to provide reliable, high-quality live video transmission from multiple cameras in the field back to the studio. Once in the studio, a full production can be created, just as if it was done in a production truck onsite but at a fraction of the cost. 


  • Automatic multi-camera synchronization with LiveU Precision Timing™ 
  • Extremely low delay – better than SAT 
  • HD quality live video 
  • Operation based on LiveU’s Reliable Transport protocol 
  • Cover more events and produce more frequent live streams 
  • Simplified logistics and planning


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