Public safety

Mobile video surveillance with real-time uplink and sharing capabilities enables a whole new mode of communication between responders in the field and their command centres

Agencies charged with law enforcement, homeland security, firefighting, transportation safety and emergency health services often require immediate intervention in challenging situations.

Optimized surveillance

Quickly and easily set up and strike temporary wireless surveillance networks or portable surveillance operations. Send clear HD footage to the control centre for optimum observation.

Connect in the field

Extend your headquarters’ LAN into the field via bonded cellular or SATCOM broadband connection. Connect to any type of IP-device, telemetry, or internet connection with LiveU DataBridge.


  • Immediate deployment 
  • Reliable operation 
  • Possibility to leverage wireless bonding and satellite solutions at the same time 
  • HD quality streaming 
  • Closed-circuit scenarios 
  • Central management options


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