Taking advantage of the next-generation wireless technology

All LiveU products are 5G ready, designed to transmit effectively from the field over 5G networks. In fact, 5G Evolution (sometimes called LTE Advanced Pro), as well as true 5G, are already in use, where available. IP first, IP-centric, high speed wireless networks will enable us to continue to develop even more classes of features, new types of devices and even longer battery life, lower delays and higher quality at higher resolutions in collaboration with our customers.

Optimum resiliency

5G or the fifth generation of connectivity is starting to be deployed worldwide, where leading carriers have already started implementing commercial 5G services with plans for rapid broadband internet and mobility services. Bonding will remain a critical resiliency technique, for example during build-out, in remote areas and where 5G falls back to existing frequencies. Cross-company bonding will also be important in cases of network failure or to ensure network coverage with performance depending on users’ proximity to cellular towers and antennas.

Enabling technology

LiveU is an active partner in the EU 5GPPP research project, 5G-Xcast focused on Broadcast and Multicast Communication Enablers for the Fifth Generation of Wireless Systems. LiveU’s multi-link technology is being considered as one of the enabling technologies for this project’s services.


  • Taking advantage of next-generation technologies 
  • LTE-Advanced Pro and 5G 
  • Longer battery life 
  • Even lower latency 
  • Better picture quality 
  • Reliable operation


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