LiveU LU600 HEVC

Exceptional performance, exceptional speed

The LU600 is LiveU’s flagship portable transmission unit for global newsgathering, live sports and events coverage. Combined with the 4K HEVC Pro Card, the LU600 delivers unparalleled video performance with extreme bandwidth-efficiency – in one of the smallest portable cellular bonding units in the market.

Ultimate video quality

The LU600 HEVC delivers the highest video quality and bitrate in the market (up to 20Mbps), fastest file transfer (60Mbps) and lowest delay. Using the LU600 HEVC, broadcasters can provide the same video quality, while using about half the bandwidth, or offering greatly improved video quality wherever the original H.264 bitrate is maintained.

Built for your needs

Tailored to the needs of mobile journalists, the LU600 HEVC product suite offers three configurations, including: HD, 4K-HDMI and 4K-SDI. The unit comes in a specially designed smart backpack, with improved usability, remote control functionality and easy access to display, controls and interfaces.


  • Superior 1080/4K video quality based on broadcast-grade hardware encoding – supporting VR and 360° applications 
  • Very low power consumption, with 4 hours of battery time 
  • Dynamic bitrate and resolution changes on the fly 
  • HEVC and H.264 file encoding capability for production workflows 
  • Live & Store functionality, allowing broadcasters to go live under any network conditions while simultaneously saving a high-quality copy of the live video for future purposes. 
  • High speed bonded internet capabilities

LU600 HEVC workflow

LU600 HEVC workflow


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