Bringing bonded transmission to mobile phones

The LU-Smart mobile app offers the very latest in bonded transmission technology for smartphones, enabling mobile journalists to cover live HD news from the field using their own mobile devices. The app bonds internal Wi-Fi and cellular connections to reach optimal video quality and resiliency. LU-Smart supports the most popular iPhone and Android phones and is monitored and managed by LiveU Central as any other field unit.

Flexible HD coverage

The LU-Smart enables high-quality, reliable live video transmission on-the-move. Operators can combine available networks to support connection to an external MiFi, enabling the bonding of two cellular connections in a single smartphone. This way users can bond the phones’ internal 3G/4G with external 3G/4G for a very fast uplink from the field.

Seamless integration to the LiveU ecosystem

LU-Smart connects to your existing LiveU receiving servers and is incorporated into the LiveU ecosystem via LiveU’s unified management platform, LiveU Central. LiveU Central enables control rooms to manage all video feeds from LiveU units operating worldwide for a flawless management workflow.


  • Works on popular iOS and Android phones 
  • Advanced camera controls for pristine liveshots 
  • Bonds the phone’s cellular connection with external Wi-Fi or MiFi 
  • Multiple video modes: Live, Live & Store, Store & Forward, and upload from the gallery 
  • Built-in metadata support 
  • IFB via connected wired or Bluetooth headset

LU-Smart workflow

LU-Smart workflow


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