LiveU LU500

Small form-factor combined with exceptional functionality

Weighing around 1 kg, LiveU’s LU500 offers the ultimate combination of high performance and portability. This small-sized unit is powered by LiveU’s multi-processor video encoding engine and fourth-generation patented bonding algorithms. With boot time under a minute, the LU500 is essential for journalists broadcasting rapidly changing events and fast action scenes.

Optimized connectivity

Powered by LiveU’s new multi-processor encoding engine and proprietary antenna modules, LU500 offers up 13 network links including 6-8 internal bonded connections. For extra-resiliency in challenging conditions, the unit can be connected to the LiveU Xtender external antenna and to satellite equipment to create a hybrid cellular/satellite solution. The LU500 also supports additional modems via external USB ports.

Simple, intuitive control

The LU500 can be controlled by a single operator in the field using an intuitive touch-screen interface or controlled remotely from any computer using the LiveU Central management platform. In addition to direct camera connectivity, the LU500 also supports inputs from a variety of field editing and switching devices, enabling multi-camera production and real-time field editing.


  • Up to 13 network links 
  • Small device that fits into a backpack 
  • 4 hrs internal battery 
  • Vehicle lighter input 
  • Full local and remote control 
  • Diverse profiles to choose from


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