LiveU Solo

Stream directly to leading social media networks

The main purpose of LiveU Solo is to aid online presence. As a professional-grade video encoder, it offers one-touch streaming to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, as well as other popular social media networks and online channels. The possibility to go live from almost any location makes LiveU Solo the perfect tool for all crews on the go. What is more, with the optional Cloud Graphics service, it is possible to add overlay graphics such as subtitles to the feed without the need to purchase further costly software products. LiveU’s cloud-based labelling solution provides a truly professional look.

Just like the big players

LiveU Solo uses the same broadcast technology that major international television broadcasters use every day, leveraging cellular networks instead of the more expensive satellite solutions. The secret lies in LiveU’s patented Reliable Transport protocol and the proven bonding technology which provides a single robust connection point for data traffic by bonding the available cellular networks, dynamically adapting video quality to the changing network conditions, thereby guaranteeing the highest quality uninterrupted feed.

Supporting major social network sites

Since LiveU is an official partner of Facebook, the feed of LiveU Solo can be fully integrated into the Facebook Live environment, so that live video content can be directly displayed on Facebook. The same is true for Twitter and the services of Periscope, while the possibility of going live on YouTube is also given for everyone with LiveU Solo.


  • Live online HD streaming in an instant 
  • Integration with the main social network sites and online channels 
  • Up to 6 network links 
  • SDI and HDMI ports for camera connection 
  • Professional-grade side-pouch or camera-mount usage 
  • Full remote control through the dedicated Solo webpage

The LiveU Solo family

LiveU Solo comes in multiple versions allowing you to select the option that meets your professional needs:

LiveU Solo HDMI
LiveU Solo+
Bonding interfaces
Up to 4
1x Ethernet; 1x WiFi; 2x USB
Up to 4
1x Ethernet; 1x WiFi: 2x USB
Up to 6
2x Internal 4G/LTE-A modems;
1xEthernet; 1xWiFi; 2x USB
Video Interface(s)
Max. Bitrate
8 Mbps 8 Mbps 8 Mbps
Internal battery
Lithium Ion/Min. 2 hours Lithium Ion/Min. 2 hours Lithium Ion/Min. 2 hours
518 g 518 g 568 g
Dimensions (WxHxD)
95 mm x 132 mm x 43 mm 95 mm x 132 mm x 43 mm 95 mm x 160 mm x 43 mm


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