Professional 1U HEVC rackmount encoder for vehicles and fixed locations.

Based on LiveU’s award-winning LU600 4K HEVC technology, the LU610 offers the perfect hybrid cellular/satellite solution for SNG trucks, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint distribution.

Superior video streaming

The LU610 provides superior HEVC video streaming quality (up to 20Mbps) using cellular, satellite, wired internet or hybrid connections. With the LU610 HEVC, broadcasters can provide the same video quality as H.264 while using about half the bandwidth, or offer greatly improved video quality whenever H.264 bitrate is maintained.

4K/HD options for live sports

The LU610 is an ideal rackmount solution for live sports and high-profile events coverage. The solution includes two Ethernet ports and an integrated Wi-Fi connection, and is ready for six internal modems (optional). These can be bonded with an additional six external cellular connections when using the LiveU Xtender active remote transmission device. With an intuitive front panel display and control, the LU610 is offered in two versions: UHD/4K (up to 4Kp60) or Full HD (up to 1080p60).


  • Professional industry-standard 1U rackmount server 
  • HEVC coding 
  • UHD/4K or Full HD broadcast 
  • Intuitive front panel display and control 
  • Various modes: Live & Store, DataBrigde and Video Return 
  • Hybrid solution with LiveU Xtender or paired with KASAT equipment


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