LiveU LU300 HEVC

Compact HEVC field unit for on-the-go live streaming

The LU300 is a small-sized, cost-effective and reliable HEVC encoder, enabling broadcasters and other content creators to transmit high-quality video on-the-go.

Hardware-based HEVC encoding

Leveraging LiveU’s professional-grade hardware-based HEVC encoding technology, the LU300 combines high-quality video performance with extreme bandwidth efficiency. Highly flexible, the LU300 can also serve as a standalone video encoder or be used as a LiveU DataBridge mobile hotspot for general connectivity in the field.

Small form-factor

Weighing just over 900 grams and available in a pouch or camera-mount configuration, the LU300 bonds up to 6 connections: two LTE-Advanced internal modems, two external modems, Wi-Fi and LAN.


  • Dual-encoding for Live & Store functionality 
  • Supporting DataBridge mobile hotspot mode for general connectivity in the field 
  • Enlarged 2.2" display with improved resolution and dramatic improvement in visibility under sunlight conditions 
  • New JOG controller for easier control of the unit 
  • Longer battery life (includes 3-hour internal battery time) 
  • Stronger CPU for super-fast file upload


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